We don’t have too much information, we have bad interfaces. With the erasmus.io platform clarity emerges from the clutter.

14 years in the making and in its 6th generation, the erasmus.io engine is a proven transformative capability to analyse very, very large bodies of unstructured text, to find edges, infer context and reveal blindspots. It has processed well over a billion texts in combination with high value corpora and internal company data. The platform can be applied in numerous information sensitive business areas- adding value, dramatically reducing the time to market for disruptive vertical solutions, giving insight to future disruptions, financial decision making and Board level risk management- amongst many of its applications.

Change the way you see the world


Designed for Decision Making

Mature decision support model incorporating collective and individual opinions, coupled with machine learning to give domain overview of human activity systems.

Diverse Corpora

We collect, combine, curate and host diverse large-scale corpora with billions of documents, both public and private, covering world news, technology, medical and financial domains.


We collect, extract and translate more than 15 latinate and non-latinate languages including Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Russian, Korean, Arabic, Spanish and English.

Realtime Machine + Human Learning

Our ML/AI algorithms learn from domain experts in real time, providing instantaneous feedback for users. In this tight loop humans and algorithms learn from each other.

HTML5+ Visualization

We embrace the modern web browser as a powerful application delivery platform, even on mobile. We use cutting edge browser capabilities to offer high-resolution visualizations of very large datasets.

NLP & Entity Extraction

Our pipelines process natural languages at scale, extracting among others: sentiment (including financial), locations, events, people, organisations, companies, timelines

Event Detection

Our pipelines extract of millions of events every year. Events are mapped to 1/4 million unique places in a knowledge graph with millions of alternative names and categorised into multiple categories.

Custom ML Models

A customizable model training interface feeds directly into the ML model builder, which is optimized for accelerated learning with very few training labels.

Flexible Access

Our enriched corpora are indexed and stored on low latency SSDs in bare-metal servers. Billions of items are available instantaneously for: search, apps, bulk ML processing, model training, 3rd party interfaces

Flexible Reporting

Our notebook-based reporting engine delivers web-based custom reporting solutions at the scale of our massive corpora.

Robust Unsupervised Clustering

Our clustering technologies are not domain specific and operate at scale. This gives robust overviews of any corpus.

Usable Apps

Our applications are accessible to non-technical users, yet remain powerful. A shallow learning curve makes it simple for domain experts to provide training inputs to our machine learning platform, which accelerates model quality improvements.


We want to look at the odd things that happen. Where could money be made, what are the new things we see? There is a broader base than what we are covering. Here the NEWSCONSOLE comes in, because it gives you ideas, instead of you having an idea and investigating it. You can play around a little, to generate those ideas. You throw in interesting concepts and see what is coming back to you. Topics that go across various sectors capture our client’s attention. And in our business, it is always about capturing the clients attention.

new ideas Head of Equity Research, Major global financial institution (Fortune 50)

For buy side investors, NEWS CONSOLE is huge. Those investors get so much research from sell side firms; ingesting this data and then analysing it on the NEWS CONSOLE platform in combination with news from the whole of the internet, completely displaces Bloomberg and Reuters.


combining haystacks Head of Predictive Analytics, Major global financial institution (Fortune 50)

NEWS CONSOLE has changed the way I listen for weak signals in the world’s news. I find speed to knowledge critical in business decisions and important partner relationships. The machine intelligence at work inside NEWS CONSOLE does for me what I cannot do.

weak signals Head of Trading & PM at a Supermajor Oil Company (Fortune 10)

It is electrifying, seeing this graph, drawn interactively.  I know this space intimately.  It confirms my existing mental model and at the same time reveals the edge- things I did not know. No other party can do this- and we have tried them all.

electrifying to see Head of Open Innovation at Biotech Company (Fortune 100)

I need  insight outside of the usual channels. I need to find the anomalies, the exceptions, see the stuff that I am not hearing about. I want to amplify the insight at the edges, weeks, months, sometimes years before it reaches the news. We need constant awareness of the energy technology space, insight at the frontiers of evolving technologies, in topical spaces like solar, electric mobility, etc. NEWS CONSOLE is a brilliant platform to do all that.

what have we missed? Head of GameChanging Innovation, Supermajor (Fortune 10)

Aggregating so many news sources, giving you text analysis of the whole of the internet, that’s something no system can do, other than NEWS CONSOLE. It really nailed looking at big data easily. You see how news is connected, how it folds together. You get an in depth and broad view of the news at the same time, which is awesome. It’s like narrow-band and broad-band. Once you have seen NEWS CONSOLE, looking at BBC or Sky seems so boring.

simplicity Head of Predictive Analytics, Major global financial institution (Fortune 20)

As a business, knowledge brings you more money, If we can identify customer needs, even before the customer itself knows those needs, if we can anticipate trends, and pre-invest in certain areas, we have a business advantage. That’s why having a good, intelligent knowledge management system, that helps us look ahead pro-actively, predictively provide guidance to the business, is very critical.

anticipate trends Head of Global Marketing Research and Strategy, Marketing Intelligence, Corporate Planning, leading Oil Field Services Company (Fortune 100)

We needed an intelligent platform, found DTN’s NEWS CONSOLE, and are very excited about it. And by using the NEWS CONSOLE, when we were searching for a certain topics, we found serendipitous results. We found things that other market participants are working on, which caught our interest. We weren’t looking for it, but it was very valuable to us.

serendipitous results Head of Global Marketing Research and Strategy, Marketing Intelligence, Corporate Planning, leading Oil Field Services Company (Future 100)



18 minutes ago, they discovered this new combination drug

Health- The New Specialist is a Network

NewsConsole helps healthcare professionals explore and discover advanced analytics within the entire medical corpus in order to provide revolutionary breakthroughs in patient knowledge, health management, collaborative learning & doctor/patient dialogue.

Why read one analyst report, when you can read them all?

Financial Services – Transform investment decision making

NewsConsole helps financial institutions discover and track novel patterns in vast corpora of text.

For sovereign funds, institutional investors and hedge funds, it brings together millions of Sell Side Reports into a single coherent system. A system that visualises core concepts, sentiment, summaries, clustering, tracking and interactive searching. With this system investors can identify novel connections, new opportunities and unseen risks.

when a patent search takes a minute

Breakthrough Innovation

NewsConsole enables a step change in innovation by giving teams overview of entire domains of knowledge. What will be the dominant source of energy in the next 10 years? Who are the nimble disruptive innovators in thin film solar? What breakthrough enzymes are on the horizon? What disruptive patterns can we see when we bring together knowledge out of data silos?

NewsConsole helps research and development teams aggregate and analyse scientific developments, promising research paths, patent filing progress – as well as exploring unusual correlations and possibilities in order to see things that others will have missed.

what risk have we missed?

Re-thinking Risk

Every insurance sector player—whether reinsurer, carrier, captive or intermediary—needs to ask the question: what will the insurance value chain look like after AI? The erasmus.io engine, by analysing large bodies of written text, fundamentally changes how we discover, price and manage the coverage & transfer of risk. NewsConsole built on top the erasmus.io platform helps risk management teams to use advanced text analytics, clustering, and a collaborative interface to identify security threats and “issues of risk” from multiple sources.

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